“American Glitch” Book by Artists Andrea Orejarena & Caleb Stein

A selection of images from a new book by multimedia artist duo Andrea Orejarena and Caleb Stein. “American Glitch” explore the slippage between fact and fiction, and how this manifests within the landscape of the United States. Especially in an era defined by screens, an over-abundance of information can often leave us questions what’s real and what isn’t. The idea […]

Brooklyn Museum: “Open Call for Brooklyn Artists” Major Upcoming Exhibition

Hey Brooklyn Artists! This is your moment to shine and showcase your incredible talent at the iconic Brooklyn Museum, which is throwing a massive bash to celebrate its 200th anniversary. And guess what? You’re the stars of the show. The museum is rolling out The Brooklyn Artists Exhibition this fall, paying homage to the rich history of creativity and artistic […]

Recommended Viewings: “Ryuichi Sakamoto: Coda”

Ryuichi Sakamoto: Coda was directed by Stephen Nomura Schible and released in 2017. The film touches on Sakamoto’s response to the Fukushima nuclear accident and 9/11. While these historical events may feel removed from the conflicts and crises we are currently facing today, Sakamoto’s engagement with the world around him translates. And how he navigates these upheavals as an artist, even […]

Artist Spotlight: Alexander Appleby

A selection of paintings by artist Alexander Appleby, currently based in Lancaster, UK. Recreating nature in scenarios of his own making, Appleby’s work is influenced by the vivid colours and rugged terrain of Northern England. Not limited to any single perspective, Appleby fuses fictional data with real world inspiration. His smooth-surfaced trees, mountains, and plants capture the beauty of nature itself […]

Gordon Matta-Clark: “Graffiti Archive 1972/73” Presents Unseen Photographs

A groundbreaking exhibition showcases over 200 photographs of graffiti by Gordon Matta-Clark. Gordon Matta-Clark. Tag Wall. 1972. (photo courtesy Estate of Gordon Matta-Clark) “GRAFFITI ARCHIVE 1972/73: An Exhibition of Photographs from Gordon Matta-Clark” provides a unique glimpse into the graffiti culture of New York City in the early 70s, shot by the New York artist at a time when the […]

“Red River” by Photographer Meghan Marin

A touching series by Brooklyn-based photographer Meghan Marin (previously featured here). Raised in upstate New York, Marin focuses on narrative based portraiture and draws heavily from the quiet and solitude of her upbringing. Her work investigates queerness, personal family dynamics, and the dualities within small town American life. In “Red River,” Marin grapples with her grandmother’s battle with lung cancer. […]

BSA Images Of The Week: 02.18.24

February 18, 2024 Artists, BSA Images Of The Week Welcome to BSA Images of the Week! New York State Governor Kathy Hochul wants to classify some graffiti as a hate crime. So, if graffiti on walls is a hate crime, money-printing must be grand larceny against savings accounts. At least the walls have the decency to look distressed. The arts […]

“Homecoming” by Artist Huntz Liu

New work from Los Angeles-based Taiwanese-American artist Huntz Liu (previously featured here). Liu deals primarily with cut paper, layering and removing the material to create a visual language of unflattened two-dimensional forms and weighted lines and edges. His latest solo show, “Homecoming,” explores themes related to the origins of things, revisiting watershed moments that may have appeared inconsequential but lead […]

Ben Wakeling: Loving Fiercely, Inside and Outside

‘Abstract Figurativism: Loving Fiercely’ a solo show by Ben Wakeling Ben Wakeling street work. (photo © Smorray)   Ben Wakeling, a British artist celebrated for his abstract figurative art, on canvasses and sometimes on the street, brings his unique expression to BSMT with “Abstract Figurativism: Loving Fiercely.” Wakeling, known for his powerful charcoal lines and bold colors, explores the depths […]